Hayley backs up 3rd base for the out at 1st

Saniah tags the runner out

Roo’s Bunt and Hay Hay’s slide into home

Advancing the runners!

Hay Hay’s hit to SS

3rd base fielding for the out at 2nd

AP’s hit to 2nd

Saniah snags the ball for the out

JZ’s snag at 1st

India robs the Texas Travelers Futures batter at CField

Saniah covers the bunt against the Texas Travelers

Hayley slide's into 3rd on a fake bunt

Saniah’s pop fly to LField

Roo’s Bunt against Texas Fusion

Firecrackers cover the bunt

Amira’s hit toward RField

Paz throw to 1Base

Hayley’s single to 2nd

J’s Bunt

Hailey E’s Slide into 3rd Base

Amira’s bunt to 1st base…double

India's line drive to right field

Bunt riding the foul line

Look at that bunt

Double Play!

Watch the girls run through a couple of pickle plays and get some OUTS!